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    I have stumbled upon something that has put the PR into remission.  I ordered fat binders from the UK.  Proactol is one brand and XLS Medical is another.  These are made from prickly pear cactus and are completely harmless.  Each tablet binds with what I questimate to be about ten grams of fat. The fat is not absorbed.   I take one after any meals that have more than 5 grams of fat.  This means I never go over the fat allowance and most of the time my fat intact is very low.

    The next part is to use Liposomeal EDTA.  The liposomes have essential fatty acids such as phosphytidylcholine, which your body craves.  You can make liposomes yourself.  Check out youtube.  I buy LipoPhos EDTA because making EDTA into a liposome is more difficult and can be dangerous as the PH needs to be altered.

    Liposomes encapsulate substances, like vitamin C or EDTA.   It is compared to a Trojan Horse.  The biofilm sees only the fat and brings the liposome inside, where the killers are released to do their work.  As I am keeping my dietary fat extremely low, this means all the fat that actually gets into the biofilm and cells of my body has a killer.

    EDTA is a powerful destroyer of biofilm.  It binds with the iron and magnesium degrading it.  It also makes bacteria etc more vulnerable to antibiotics.  EDTA’s first role is to bind with heavy metals like lead and cadmium.  It does not bind well with mercury so you don’t have to worry if you have amalgams.  It has an affinity for metals so if it has bound with a mineral and it comes across a heavy metal, it will exchange the mineral for the metal.

    You need to do a lot of it to remove the metals, which contribute to you disease – and then to degrade the biofilm.  It tastes pretty awful.  I put some on a serving spoon, put it into my mouth and immediately begin drinking pomegranate juice to swallow it.  That way I don’t taste it.

    Liposomes are as effective as IV chelation without the cost, time or danger of harming your veins.  I was told each IV has about 3 grams of EDTA and depending upon how many metals you have, could take anywhere from ten to 20 IV’s to clear them all.  Each bottle of LipoPhos EDTA has 2 grams of EDTA so you can see this is something you do long term.  Theoretically, it would take 15 to 30 bottles to rid yourself of metals.  You should replenish minerals during the time you are using it.

    If you are eating food with iron, such as meat (I don’t), then you need to take an iron binder with meals, such as IP6 or lactoferrin.

    You can make liposomoes out of herbs and tinctures.  Artemisinin is often put into them as well as anti-parasitic herbs.  Vitamin C is very popular and there is a lot of internet information about how to make it into a liposome.  I found out, you need a LOT of vitamin C to make a difference – 75 to 100 Grams IV  to heal a dangerous disease -so the same in a liposome.  That would mean swallowing about a cup of it every day and I couldn’t handle that.  One gram of liposomal vitamin C is equal to 4 grams of powdered oral.  It bypasses the gut so you do not get the digestive disturbances.  3 grams of liposomal vitamin C is equal to about 18 grams oral, so the more you take, the more effective it is.

    Another find is Cistus.  Dr. Klinghart says it is the most powerful biofilm buster there is.  You can buy the tea or the tincture.  If you drink the tea, it whitens your teeth, because the yellow on them is caused from biofilm.  It protects against the plaque harboring the bacteria that causes cavities.  Dr. K also makes all of his cocktails liposomes.

    I do not have PR symptoms right now, since starting this about a month ago.  I was taking ivermectin now and then but I don’t need it with this.  I do have bartonella symptoms though and am taking Bactrim for that.  My symptoms are going away very quickly.

    I hope this helps someone else.  If you just think it through, you will see how much sense it makes.  Do she research on liposomes so you understand them.

    Caren Brodt


    I appreciate this info greatly. I was tx’d for Babs from late 2012 to early 2013, 6 mos. I regained my voice for a year; which had been mostly gone since ’04. Long story… but LLMD recently suspects dx of PR. When I was on Babs txs I looked into PR as a possibility because of the voice issues. I was so sick that I dismissed it and thought the diet impossible.

    When I look at the list of sxs; of PR now I identify w/90% listed. My problem is: I am allergic to egg white, soy and almond. What proteins are available to this diet w/o dairy and meat? I’m also very susceptible to Candida. Am on 4g of Claforan abx im shots daily, as well as Minocycline and Bicillin for Lyme. I am also unable to digest raw foods.

    Please don’t be put off by my restrictions; I just mention them so you’ll know. Let me know what the “diet” consists of. I can’t get a good description of what it would look like w/substitutions for my allergies.



    Jeff Hood

    Nefferdun, did you do this all yourself; or were you under a doctor’s care / supervision.  If the latter, which doctor?


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