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    Ive been suffering with chronic Lyme when I got infected in 2005 with a tick bite.  I have been aggressively treated but still remain disabled, but Im seeing some improvement recently. Ive read the whole Fry interview listed on this website and have some comments for Dr Fry about potentially leading to more permanent clearance of symptoms.

    1. Going on a low fat diet and taking drugs probably wont do much to biofilm. I would be curious to see the results of biofilms as related to Protomyxzoa when chelating agents- DMSA ~500mg (orally) or EDTA (either IV or suppository) were taken to strip biofilm metals. I felt almost normal for brief periods after chelating. Iron chelators are harder to get and tougher on the body. +1 on the post about iron chelators and malaria.

     Biofilm are up to 1000x more resistant to drugs and resistant to selective starvation (low fat diet).

    2. Tindamax has been one of the best drugs Ive taken and really knocks back my symptoms. I would love for someone to suggest to Dr Fry, that he add that to his potential treatment list. Tindamax is a cyst busting lyme drug and also is powerful vs protozoan infections.

    3.  I had a large C.Pneumoniae infection (notorious for biofilms) my body wasnt fighting until I took Low Dose Naltrexone. I did develop aggressive Rosacea, which I treated with a 2 month break and with Benedryl and occassional DMSA doses for pustules. I had to work up from .25mg LDN to 4.5mg (max) over 8 months. About 30% improvement on that alone.

    4. Back when XMRV was “all the rage” about being implicated in cancer and chronic disease. I got tested by VIP diagnostics and turned out positive. I saw a doctor and was able to get prescribed antiretrovirals. I was not able to tolerate them 2 years ago. But after treating my CMV, epstein barr, and hhv6 with Valcyte, I am able to tolerate them now. I had a huge herx with Truvada…and I know that XMRV has been labeled a “contaminant” now, but this powerful herx has to be the result of some retrovirus (potentially a mutated HERV).

    This could lead to the thought of “Protomyxzoa is everywhere and in almost everyone, but some people get sick and some people dont”.  Also “why does Protomyxzoa keep coming back”?    Answer= hidden retrovirus?

    5. If you take 1200mg NAC to protect your liver/immune sytem from negative effects, would a single glass of wine actually help with infections? Alcohol has been shown to kill spirocetes and protozoans. I was very stressed out lately and had not had a drink in 4 years, then yesterday I read about alcohol killing spirocetes and protozoans and ran out and bought some red wine and had a single glass.

    I do feel much less stressed out and alcohol has shown positive outcomes re French people, their wine, and heart disease and also a single glass of wine has shown some mild long term mental health improvements if I’m not mistaken.



    O theres also NAC as a mucous dissolver!



    I was diagnosed with protomyxzoa about a year ago. My Dr called Dr Fry and talked to him about high dose IV vitamin C protocol instead of antibiotics, he seemed to approve. In this same conversation my Dr somehow got the impression that protomyxzoa feeds on glutathione and that taking it would be detrimental. I have not seen confirmation of this anywhere in fact Dr Fry seems to say that taking it or NAC is a good thing. Has anyone heard about glutathione being a bad thing if you have this bug???

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