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    I just read Barbara’s info on rifing w/ her coil machine for Proto.  I am going to try those 2 frequencies you mentioned, Barbara, with my GB4000 and will report back.  We are new to this and have been down a long, long road to discovery of cause.  MAYBE seeing some light on the horizon thanks to Fry Labs and a quick discussion w/ Dr. Fry about my son’s CFS and lack of response to the TVAM procedure by Dr. Arata (in spite of a 3/5 @ AZ Doppler).   We were told to look on the arterial side next.  During the doppler we could actually see waving filaments of something in his jugular vein….(biofilm colonies?).

    I’d love to have conversations w/ others who believe in rife therapies (no naysayers, please) and share information.



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