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    Miltefosine has been making news as being able to treat difficult infections like amoeba n fowleri the “brain eating amoeba”, leishmaniasis, protozoans, and it is even anti fungal. Some life forms are able to switch forms, cyst forms for example, so I think it is extra valuable to take something that hits multiple forms/co- infections.

    One poster in “science intro” mentioned it, and I was wondering how someone like me might get a hold of it.

    Dan S


    I tried miltefosine and I found that it was not helpful. However, I also now doubt my protomyxzoa diagnosis. I suspect that my protomyxzoa test may have been a false positive. it is known that false positives (over sensitivity) can be a problem with PCR tests, since they can be so incredibly sensitive. A tiny amount of contamination can produce a positive result.

    I purchased miltefosine from a chemical supplier in China. Its sketchy, but there is no other way to obtain it.





    I tried Miltefosine awhile ago and it did not help me much either.

    There is another medication I would like to try, Ferriprox (deferiprone) an iron chelator. Can you show me how/where to order that from your Chinese chemical supplier?

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