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    Dan S

    Its true. One must be very cautious when reading or interpreting medical science.

    And its not just the conflicts of interest and corruption.

    With results at the P=0.05 level, 1/20 results will be just the result of statistical randomness, and will not represent an actual physical effect.

    Spero Makris

    This topic seemed to best reflect my concerns regarding PR.  Years of suffering without a diagnosis brought me to Fry Labs and positive test results for “substantial biofilm” and Protomyxzoa.  I desperately want to believe that I now have an answer, but wonder;

    Why is there no published literature on the discovery or existence of PR?

    Why hasn’t the Lab’s work been peer reviewed?

    Why doesn’t Fry Labs which cultures PR endorse or recommend a consistent and effective treatment protocol?  Blogs and message boards are filled with treatment contradictions.  The only consistancy I can find is that what helps one person doesn’t help another.

    Speaking with Fry Labs today, they could not or would not direct me to treatment.

    Looking for answers.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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