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    I am brand new here and I don’t really know where to begin.  Let me just share our story.  My 2nd child is 9 years old now.  She started having knee pain after a trip we took to the Philippines.  That began our health journey years ago.  We went to 15+ doctors (western doctors, specialists, as well as natural doctors).  One of our first appointments was with a Shriner’s doctor.  After about a year of a lot of different tests we received a positive diagnosis for lyme disease.  The doctors there did not believe the test was accurate so they retested and got another positive.  They immediately wanted to admit my daughter to a hospital to put in a PICC line and begin pumping antibiotics into her body.  We called a meeting with the doctors and began to question and ask for more accurate tests.  After some more testing my daughter showed a positive for a mycoplasma.  We didn’t treat her for anything at that time but continued researching.  After transferring to a LLMD we were retested for many things.  This time we received a negative Lyme test through IGenex.  We also had a test done with Fry Lab and was told my daughter had a no name organism in her blood.  Of course, that was something I had never heard of and we ended our time with that doctor.  Fast forward years later.  We have continually changed many things in our lives trying to improve the amount of nutrients we are putting in our bodies.  My daughter’s symptoms have not worsened but never completely went away.  We were recently on a facebook health group and I mentioned to someone about this no name organism at Fry Lab and I was informed there is now a name for it.  I was completely amazed to find out there was more information out there after having this test done MANY years ago.  I would love to know more information so I can better help my daughter.  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  Is it possible for this protozoa to be passed down from one generation to another?  Is she the only one in my immediate family that has it or could we possibly have it too?


    Good Morning…so sorry you are having to go through this challenge with your daughter. From what I have been told by Dr. Fry and my own research, these bugs are transmitted through a bug bite,,most likely a mosquito. Hope you are able to find some relief for your daughter. Have you read the information on a low fat diet and how it relates to the biofilm? I recently saw Dr. Fry. He said that they should have a test ready that will determine how the bug was transmitted sometime in January. Good Luck!!

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