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Caren Brodt


I appreciate this info greatly. I was tx’d for Babs from late 2012 to early 2013, 6 mos. I regained my voice for a year; which had been mostly gone since ’04. Long story… but LLMD recently suspects dx of PR. When I was on Babs txs I looked into PR as a possibility because of the voice issues. I was so sick that I dismissed it and thought the diet impossible.

When I look at the list of sxs; of PR now I identify w/90% listed. My problem is: I am allergic to egg white, soy and almond. What proteins are available to this diet w/o dairy and meat? I’m also very susceptible to Candida. Am on 4g of Claforan abx im shots daily, as well as Minocycline and Bicillin for Lyme. I am also unable to digest raw foods.

Please don’t be put off by my restrictions; I just mention them so you’ll know. Let me know what the “diet” consists of. I can’t get a good description of what it would look like w/substitutions for my allergies.