Reply To: Symtoms


By the way, the reason why you should not ‘pull’ from your mouth by swishing oils is that the strands/capsules/mycelium/etc gets ‘pulled’ from your gums and eventually, but rapidly weakens the bond of your teeth and gums. They start to loosen teeth until either tiny cracks that even floss cannot get into form, but drinks and masticated food does, and rots, weakening the bond even /more until the teeth rot enough to break off at the gums whilst chewing; or enough gets ‘pulled’ out to where the teeth can just fall out; or worst of all, there is. Such a build-up of Protomexzoa Rheumatica fibers inside the teeth where the root is that suddenly, without warning, the tooth can just expode, usually in molars where the root structure is largest, and blood flow is greatest, allowing the most venous access. So there is my warning. On the other hand, if there is too much protruding from the nose, it will not heal properly (though probably never fully anyway), unless debrided properly with enough P.R. ‘pulled’ out. Funny enough, since it does congregate around areas where oxygen flows strongest near the brain, that when enough is removed, the oxygen breathed in seems to double! Like when you are really stuffy and suddenly the obstruction is completely removed. Just another of many things learned from my extensive self I observational research. I just wish a doctor discovered all this and wrote in the Lancet about it already! Come on M.D.’s!!! Keep up!!! Find a patient like me and let the note-taking begin! A bestselling book has your name on it!