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I am very nearsighted to the point of micro vision. After much research I figured out that the biofilms act like capsule shaped Lego’s. They first travel through the bloodstream, forming connections with each other, then invade the connective tissue throughout the body, which causes the rheumatic pain by way of their secretions. As they soak up fluids acting like a mycelium fungus, they are shuffled by oils. From the blood and connective tissues they press through the capillaries and sometimes pores if easier to access. They are searching out a way to get to oxygen and secrete an acid like amber fluid if they do much through the skin toward oxygen. The lightest touch or pressure causes them to secrete this burning pain acid, which is why if all throughout your body’s connective tissues it hurts bad just moving because it puts pressure on them forcing them to secrete. The amber liquid then turns into a scablike membrane and eventually the PR oozes out ,enough in a fungal bloom pattern mimicking skin.. So now they are protected, but also still have oxygen access like solar panels…which is why they often pick the nose, mouth, and gums to secrete out of as well as periodic lesions all over the body. Favorite unnoticed spots is in the ears and under finger and toe nails. If you are committed to figuring out their form, peel back the amber scabs or fake skin you will notice white dots,_which at first make you think of pores, but later you will notice THQ drts get more pronounced, and possibly more numerous as they try to reestablish their previous setup. If you use diamond coated tweezers, which gets the best grip you will notice several things. One, when you grasp one it is very painful to the surrounding area. Two, as you grasp and pull the amber liquid will start to secrete and sometimes even start to drip. Three, if you get a whole section out it has a white translucent capsule-shaped main body, with a more opaque perfectly round “head” that looks like an egg, a gum-drop shaped taeil with one bloodied side, probably the one that was touching where it came from the capillary, and if you can see really microscopically. A thin fiber that runs through the whole assembly, that connects it to the next P.R. “Lego” piece inn line. Also, no matter how you get these things….from pulling, squeezing, clump out of dripping blood, rolled or picked from fake skin, you can always be able to reform a strand. It may not be the perfect capsule biofilm nugget, but it will form strands and pour blood very temporarily pours from the hole until the next one in line fills the hole. You will also notice the strands that connect what was extracted to the next train in line, but also that it oozes out and only takes shape when it hits the air, also the second one is extracted, especially if left alone to grow large and stretch the hole, the pain completely goes away and only come back when the next squeezes out with its liquid. If really painful and annoying you can “pull” them out with petroleum/oil/triple antibiotic ointment/bacitracin/etc. I just DO NOT RECCOMEND PULLING FROM MOUTH! My MD said to swish with sunflower oil for two minutes then spit. The reason for pulling is that A, they need to breathe so they quickly ooze through the oil/ointment, and B, they slowly eat oil-basespd foods, especially brains…another reason why main shops set up are near the heart, of course, to distribute and get the oxygenated blood, but also the head, near the nose and mouth (you can even find them oozing out amongst the ‘sleep’ that comes from the corners of your eyes), so they can slowly start to eat your brains! Which is also why there are so many random, unspecific neurological symptoms along with the sluggish high pressure blood and heart problems. I have heart pains, palpitations/ seizures, bells palsey, Parkinson’s, 16 out of 17 of the main M.S. symptoms, long and short term memory loss, narcolepsy, chronic. (up for 4-10 day) insomnia, and all occasional. Like. I had narcolepsy for one and a half months, then suddenly insomnia for 8 months. Parkinson’s for 2 days, then short term memory loss for 3 months, then short term restored, but long tern gone for a month, then on an on, a seizure that twisted body to the right until ripping all the muscles in my back, twisting uncontrollably until I cut off my own blood flow and passed out….while trying to stop the car safely! I awoke on the ground foaming at the mouth, on my stomach, staring at an ambulance and my car on the wrong side of the road! The worst though, before all this was what I called “foregetful rages.” Not only relationship destroying, since my wife did not believe that I didn’t remember what I did or said, but taking me by surprise. for two years until I finally realized that adrenaline is the main trigger…like strobing lights triggering a fit. Not only that, but after figuring that out, my wife creating arguments just so blame me for something, and worse, I somehow started remembering to press record on my Dictaphone during these outbursts, and when I would ask my wife what happened, what I did and said, it would be completely different from the recording and far more mild then explained. I never remember hurting my wife, but she would say I hit her, but on recording it was obvious I was nowhere ever even close to her, and she was the one antagonizing me! So she did believe me, just pretended not to, instigated incidents just so I would feel bad and try to make it up to her! Then I confroted and proved my case…instead of explaining, or coming up with a believable excuse, she just left me!! And even though we’re still married we have been split for two years, I have learned to control this symptom most the time, but have since experienced what I previously described, all the while with crippling pain and M.S. and I was diagnosed with Lyme and P.R..! I think Lyme is another co-infection and Protomyxzoa Rheumatics is the main tick-born plague! I hoped my story and research is helpful. You can hear the songs it all inspired at YouTube .com/LymieVoid and ReverbNation .com/Bolafeld …BOLAFELD is my band name meaning universal flow. I hope the universe flows your way, in the direction you dream. And I promise, my music is diverse enough that if you listen to enough of my works you will find at least one that connects and calls to you to keep playing. Namaste(well) y’all! Brandon of Bolafeld at /Bolafeld if you wanna friend me… Hasta!!!