Reply To: Science Intro


Hi I am new to this forum, and have participated in the Curezone forums for a number of years.

I hope this forum is more active and insightful, as I am a researcher of  diseases.

My specialty:  diagnostics of infectious diseases of the gut, and blood systems.

Methods I use are microscopic exams of fluid samples, and other proprietary methods.

Confirmations of detected pathogens have been obtained through barcode analysis and PCR methods.

My experience allows me to detect offending microorganisms by recognition of immunological markers, and antibody accumulations, and phagocytic infiltrates (RBC infiltrates are rare, but easier to evaluate).

I have been witness to many odd infections, and co-infections. It is my belief there are genetic recombinants of a variety of microorganisms now existing  within the open environment, due to a number of contemporary factors.

My interest belongs to single-celled parasites (pathogens) and virologically acquired  illnesses.

My response to the organism that is purported to be infecting those tested for protomyxzoa is held with a degree of caution. I believe there are other components to be considered  for those affected individuals. A full diagnostic picture requires more research in my opinion.

I am always ready for discussion, and certainly interested in evaluating diagnostic information coming from individuals who have undergone laboratory testing.