Reply To: Science Intro


I too have a science background and suffer from what I believe is PR.  After over a year of anti-protozoal agents, I can still see parasites in some blood smears.  I am not 100% convinced on your opinion on fat intake because a low to no fat diet doesn’t have to mean an increase in sugar intake and triglycerides.  It most likely will, but it doesn’t have to be the case.  I did a 3 week raw vegetable diet with no fat last year with great results.  As you know, that is difficult to sustain in today’s modern world but I have tracked the foods that make me feel good and the ones that make me feel bad in an attempt to ascertain what the protozoa wants or needs to flourish.  I learned quickly that beef and pork weren’t beneficial.  While going low fat causes Herxes, eating foods rich in arginine is what the protozoa prefers.  I believe more study should be put into arginine’s role in protozoal replication.  The roll of polyamines should be studied as they play a big roll also.