Reply To: Science Intro


Thank you! This site is awesome and severely needed. I was diagnosed with Protomyxzoa Rheumatica with substantial biofilm a year and a half ago. My experience with this organism matches exactly to your descriptions of effective treatment. I am still struggling to get it under control, but Tinidazole seems to be the most effective (even though it makes me feel horrible when I’m actually taking it). As a scientist myself, I have been extremely skeptical about this new organism and the claims made by Dr. Fry, but everytime I question it and change treatment going away from protozoal treatment to more bacterial treatment, I get worse. Also, I cannot eat red meat or pork without feeling worse nearly immediately. It literally feels like my blood gets thicker and I lose circulation to my feet. This has all been really difficult for me to accept without scientific publication. For that reason, I emailed Dr. Stephen Fry about six months ago and asked WHY he had not published anything on this organism that, in my opinion, is making so many people sick. He responded nearly immediately by saying legitimate scientific research takes time. Of course, I know this, since my small masters research project took time. The review process is extensive and requires several years AFTER research is finished. It’s hard to be patient (ha- no pun intended), but it’s all we have right now. I can’t wait to read his first paper!

One thing that doesn’t make sense to me is how fast my body reacts to eating beef or pork. Typically, I will feel the thick blood, poor circulation, muscle-cramping in lower legs within 20 minutes of eating. It seems like it should take a lot longer for the iron to reach the organisms and then for them to grow enough to effect my circulation. Do you have any thoughts on this?