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Dan S


yeah thats impossible to read. The nonsense characters are caused by pasting text that has formattering or “header” information attached. So paste only text, you have to strip the header information. This can be done by  pasting the text into a different application. like “Textedit” on Mac, and then recopying it. Textedit will automatically strip the formatting information.

Can you please edit your posts to remove the formatting characters? Its unreadable otherwise.

I like the idea of crowdfunding. I’d like to see a different research group get some funding to replicate Dr Fry’s work. Its concerning to me that all the information about PR is coming from a single laboratory.

I set up this website to disseminate and obtain information. I think i have discovered some new things about PR that are important. I am seeking the best information on PR so that I can cure myself.

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