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Tom Peterson

Hi Jason. Hi Dan. I have decided to simply post to a group of mine on Facebook. It doesn’t care where I post from – FB seems to recognize just about everything from everywhere.

The way I look at it, protomyxoa is not just about MS. It covers a lot of territory. I already have Friends in other countries, which makes things even easier.

I would welcome your presence at

I think patients are going to have to get support in the general population, so that the electorate forces politicians to act against the advice of their (conservative) medical counsel. This of course did work in New Brunswick.

Therefore I think Facebook is a better platform for a word-wide grass roots demand for transparency, as enabled by the F1000 group. This is just me – I don’t think you are wrong about anything. There is no right or wrong here.

I am going to follow you as always, and certainly would like you to “like” my Facebook group.

I am sure I will be in contact with you further.

Cheers, Tom