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Sorry, I meant to listen to the very diverse songs written about my life, most particularly the ones about illness, like the ‘BolaSolo’ live acoustic versions of ‘SubLyme Ascent’ songs, an album I have been working on awhile when not to I’ll to write, play, sing, or especially record. You can find more BOLAFELD (means “universal flow”) music at . Any support is greatly appreciated. Though, of course I hope to find a lable to produce me through my sub-lable The Chaos Organization, or person with either the money or recording studio and time to record, mix and master Bolafeld music; just listening to songs until you find at least one that resonates with you personally, and you will! The music I write, though musically and vocally obviously Bolafeld band, is varied in style vocally, instrumentally, and genre-wise that I guarantee at least one song, if not many, you will fall in love with. And if you just pass on the ones you love and ones you recommend due to a friend’s taste, you will spread my music, vision, and ideas exponentially; especially if you ask who you pass the music to, to do the same thing as far as finding favorites and spreading them to their friends. Be sure to explain my musical goals as well, the nbiggest being the eventual ability to use ” SubLyme Ascent” to raise Lyme research money, along with my other albums to do the same for other causes, like “Pointillism,” “Carefully Careless,” “The Big Picture,” for fundraising for , “Microcosm,” “Clandestine Display,” “The Chaos Organization,” “Expansion,” “Orderly Disorder,” “The Simplicity Complex,” hopefully to raise Protomyxzoa Rheumatica research, and “Covert Aversion” to raise money for the spread of Constitutional rights’ understanding through awareness groups like and . I am still trying to figure out what is most important for the others to raise money for, but word of mouth has to grow first, to the point where someone is ready any willing to fund my band first, with the agreement of letting at least 10% of proceeds going to charities if choice, I get to retain ownership of my masters, and that my privacy is preserved as much as possible…even if a cartoon has to represent me in a video. I want to make music and help people, not be famous. So please be a ‘cog in the wheel’ to help bring the Bolafeld Effect into action. Thank you so much and namaste(well) y’all!  Brandon of BOLAFELD