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Hello Azya,

Thank you for your comment on Nefferdum’s post regarding your experience of a low-fat diet for Protomyxzoa.

I’m just a voice out here but I appreciate this site, what keymaster Dan S. setup, and all the comments from Nefferdum and others. You all are helping us out here trying to puzzle this thing out!

On this site, not sure where to post, so in response to Azya:

I’m having similar experiences with what I call the
“zero-or-low-fat” diet
because like you, I find less fat dramatically reflects on my daily health.

I aim for zero – 10 fat grams a day, not easy, nice to meet others who understand.              It takes discipline and sometimes humor!

I aim for vegan mostly:   once a week non-fat diary with my beloved espresso, a little rare fish, and try not to eat wheat,/gluten/bread, because I notice reactions if I do.      I avoid sugar because intellectually I know I’d just be adding on another problem if I transferred how it feels to go without fat by adding more sugar into my diet.  It’s not easy!  Over time it does get better.  Your body adjusts to what you let go of and feels better on what you notice works for it.  It takes time.  I’m amazed at how good vegetables taste sautéed in a little water (not sautéing in ghee, butter, or oil, as they add fat). I save my extra fat gram allowances for things that really matter, try not to add in everyday fat.

Though I’m still open to it, haven’t cancelled out the possibility, I haven’t seen benefits (for myself only), from staying low in iron, or a lowered iron protocol as Dan S. has thoughtfully detailed.  It’s possible it’s helping and I’m not as aware of it, and that it could help others. Maybe we respond differently too.  Different co-infections and illnesses along with PR could affect the outcome.

Would be interested also in ANY forum or way where more of us feel comfortable to speak up and share results of diet/other protocols on PR.

For myself, this is the first time I’ve spoken.  I’m a little intimidated not knowing where to post on sites.  Also I’ve wondered….if the nature of Protomyxzoa, PR, makes those who have it too sick -or less inclined to share and know the best place to do this.

Thank you to everyone who’s sharing their experiences, and to everyone:

Hello, we’re researching and looking for answers just like you.

You’re not alone out there.