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Here is another update.  I posted a topic about the fat binders I bought.  They are a God Send!  This means I can eat a whole egg and two pieces of toast for breakfast, take one fat binder and have zero fat absorbed from that meal.  This makes my diet MUCH more interesting and enjoyable.

Then I use the LipoPhos EDTA, which I also mentioned in that post.  No PR symptoms.  My voice has not gone hoarse since starting it.  I don’t have any nerve pain.  I can climb two flights of stairs and do so several times a day.

I am treating bartonella though and that gives me headaches.  I am recovering very quickly. I am sleeping better already and the soles of my feet do not hurt in the morning.  I would say I am very close to over that in just a month or so of taking Bactrim.

I saw Dr. Fry.  I flew all the way to AZ.  What a complete waste!  He refused to do anything at all.  He said he could not order a test from his own lab to check for bartonella.  I had gotten a blood smear looked at by his lab.  They said I had Substantial biofilm, stippling on my RBC and organisms showing motility.  He had no comment about what those organisms were.

I believe I may have become re-infected with bartonella from one of our cats.  Depending upon where you live, as many as half the cats have bartonella ; most asymptomatic but they can transfer it to us.  One of our cats is diabetic and needs shots of insulin.  I accidentally poked myself with his needles (which is used several times and refrigerated before being thrown out).  I read 44% of cats with bartonella develop diabetes.  I went to Seattle and saw a LLNP, who agreed this is bartonella and put me on exactly what I was taking – Bactrim.

There are so many infections out there!