Reply To: Ivermetcin


Sorry I am so late getting back.  I just forgot.

Yes, I am absolutely certain it is the fat.  I wish it wasn’t – so much that I have cheated over and over trying to convince myself > “there must be some mistake, because nuts and seeds and avocado are good for you”!

It isn’t the iron because I eat a very low iron diet, having a CPS mutation that requires me to stay away from foods rich in sulfur, which happen to also be rich in iron.  When I eat more than 15-20 grams of fat a day, I get a return of symptoms.  Excess sugar in any form also increases symptoms but not as quickly.  I was eating too much honey and maple syrup and got symptoms back.

When I was treating babesia with mepron and malarone I took those meds with massive amounts of fat.  I was getting worse and worse and was ready to give up. Then  I tested positive for PR.  I began methyl cycle supplements to support my ability to detox, LDN to stimulate my immune system, ivermectin (alone) and the low fat vegan(ish) diet.  Within two months I was a new person.  I was in remission > a very tenuous remission because Pr is there always ready to come back.  Not getting sick again is completely dependent upon what goes into my mouth.

I am coming out of another relapse.  I was up every 2 hours all night long for over a week, insomnia, hoarse voice, anxiety.  Then it dawned on me how much honey I had been eating all summer – making frozen yogurt with maple syrup covered with dark chocolate syrup and cherries.  All home made and would have been good for you if I was a normal person eating in moderation but I was eating this almost every singe day!  I was obsessed.

We thing we can’t live without a favorite comfort food.  We crave it.  We go into denial and eat it.  We stay sick.

I have been back on the program about a week.  I have to also take the ivermectin once a week and this time have added in Alinia twice a week.  I feel better.  I climbed two flights of stairs today without losing my breath.  Now if I can just sleep!

So if you haven’t tried the low fat vegan diet – what is there to lose?  Give it a try for a couple of months and see if you don’t get out of that black hole.