Reply To: Ivermetcin


I began treatment with horse ivermectin dosed as closely as possible to my weight.  It is hard to get an exact dose with the horse tube so it would be better to remove it all and measure it.  The second month I did 12 mg of stomectol, the human version of ivermectin.  I ordered two months from India.  When I began to run out, I cut back to 6 mg.

The first day on ivermectin I had overall body pain as though I had a virus but after that it was all up hill.  In two months I was feeling close to well.  I had been very sick so this was pretty miraculous.

A month after starting the ivermectin I began taking Low Dose Naltrexone to help boost my immune system and also to try to calm a thyroid flair.  I had lost 20 pounds even though I was eating constantly and I could not sleep.  By the time I got the LDN to 3 mg my thyroid seemed normal.  In fact, for the first time in my life I had a normal (rather than sub-normal) body temperature.

I began the vegan(ish) low fat diet the same time I began the ivermectin.  I have not had any red meat in 5 years but no meat at all in over a year, since starting the PR treatment.  It is hard for me to not eat any eggs at all so I eat some egg whites.  I also eat bread as the gluten does not seem to bother me, and some dairy.

I have  gotten 3 orders (28 pints each) of raw frozen camel’s milk.  It is supposed to have antibodies identical to human ones, only one tenth the size.  It is supposed to be helpful for infections like lyme disease, allergies, auto-immune responses and even autism.  I am not sure if it is worth the money or even if it works but I was off all drugs for several months while drinking it.  If you get it from a good supplier it tastes just like regular milk but the first batch I got was pretty disgusting.

The low fat diet is critical.  Whenever I try to incorporate nuts or seeds or any other  healthy but high fat foods, I get a return of symptoms.  I know fat=symptoms is related and wish I could believe otherwise because the diet is very restrictive.  I try to keep my fat grams to 15 a day but often it is 20 and sometimes as much as 25.  I feel the difference, believe me.

I was off stromectol/ivermectin for about 6 months doing well on just the diet.  The only symptom I had was dry eyes which have always been with me since my tick bite in 2006.  I am not sure if it is actually caused by PR or maybe another pathogen.

I lapsed in the diet and began to slide so I started pulsing stromectol again.  I just take it now and then.  The returning symptoms I have are stiffness in the morning and headaches – some dizziness now and then.  I know when PR is emerging because my voice will go hoarse periodically.

I have to manage this disease because I can’t cure it.  If any of you have not done the diet, you are missing out on feeling so much better.  It is a pain but worth it.

I began to have trouble with stromectol after taking it everyday for several months.  My eyes became very blood shot.  I did an experiment taking the ivermectin with LipoPhos EDTA and grapefruit juice.  That was such a punch my eyes looked like they had pink eye for days.  I am just taking it now and then since that time.  I like the idea posted above of 0.6/kg once a week.  I may give that a try.

Dr. C. also prescribes alinia and albenza which I have and I may add those in if necessary.  I could ignore my symptoms but I know they will get worse so I need to get back to where I was.

Hope this information is interesting to someone else.