Reply To: Iron is the key


I just found your forum again and I am glad I came across this topic.

I had forgotten how iron feeds protozoa pathogens.   I have high ferritin levels and tried to have phlebotomy done over a year ago, when I found out, but no doctor would do it.  I took IP6 for awhile and then abandoned it on the shelf.  If you have Irish ancestry, like I do, you could possibly have a genetic condition causing you to overload iron, called hemochromatosis.  One of the methyl cycle mutations can cause you to overload iron too.  Iron overloading creates the perfect storm for pathogens to thrive – and I forgot about it.  PR makes a sieve of my mind.

The vegan diet would help but there is some iron in beans and lentils.  The foods highest in iron are meat, mollusks, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables, artichokes and dried fruit like raisons.  You increase the absorption of iron when with vitamin C – taken together.  No wonder people on a paleo diet drinking green smoothies are not getting into remission.

Luckily, because of my CBS mutation,  I am not supposed to have foods with sulfur, which include meat and the green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach or dried fruit like raisons.  If you want to get into remission (and stay there) you need to investigate EVERYTHING.

I got into remission – at least I was feeling pretty well for the most part – following the low fat vegan diet along with about 3 months of taking stromectol.  I messed up on the diet and began to deteriorate so I am back on it as faithfully as I can.  It is very hard sometimes.  I take stromectol now and then.

I did not know there were 6 variants.  I heard there are variants and they respond to different therapies.  That is why it is so important.   Some people are using just stromectol (ivermectin) and others are also taking Alinia.  Some are on anti-malarial drugs like malarone.  I thought stromectol worked so well for me that everyone else was missing the boat.   Turns out, they don’t have the same variant.

Hope you continue to get better and we all find our way out of this.