Reply To: Iron is the key

Dan S

I just do it at home with an 18ga catheter, tourniquet and tubing. It requires someone to do the venipuncture, though. Maybe i will put a video on youtube showing exactly how to do it. If you get the puncture right, it only takes about 15 minutes to drain 500ml or more. Im going to do it again prob next week, and that will bring me up to about 3200ml in the last couple months. I have no symptoms of anemia yet, but i need to get my iron numbers again. Though my primary doc cannot do or prescribe the bloodletting she knows what i am doing and is facilitating it with the laboratory at her office. She just wants me to get my blood iron numbers checked regularly. The most important one is the hemoglobin number. I started at 13.8. Normal is 12 and above. Severe anemia is about 8. Thats too low as it will inhibit immune function. Im going to guess that maybe 10-11 range may be ideal for inhibiting PR.