Reply To: Barbara lyme


hi dan,

i belong to 3 lyme support groups, each with hundreds of people who have tried almost every protocol out there.  some will respond to one treatment while another will not.  but with lyme, it is not just bb that we fight, but a multitude of co infections, one being proto.  and most are as hard to treat.  and testing is very unreliable.

the comment of lyme being easy to get rid of is not accurate.  it stems from the same medical community that says chronic lyme does not exist.   there are doctors who treat chronic illness and state they would rather treat aids then  lyme.

with thousands of people on the support groups, including professionals in medicine, most doing intense life and death research for themselves, their children, spouses and friends,  will all say that it takes years, sometimes decades, to get a diagnosis, then unending years of treatment.

according to the personal experience of those on the groups, very, very, few were easy to cure.  those cured did so while the disease was still in the acute stage, and only if given longer than ‘acceptable’ doses of abx.


in chronic lyme, while on long term abx, spriokeets encyst, multiply, and when you go off, they come out of hiding and the patient relapses.  that is why so many are turning to very alternative treatment.  today’s modern medicine has little to offer the lyme patient.

i was not able to read the entire articles, but the second uses penicillin, an abx, and it is for lyme arthritis.  not all of us have the arthritis, but other more complicated and disabling symptoms.  but i thank you for the info.  will run it by the people in the support group to see if any have had good results.

dan, i didn’t come on here to debate my personal experience and that of those in my support group,  in regard to  what is working for us.  i came to see what info this site had for proto.  when i read your article you asked for scientific info and personal experience info.  i offered my successful personal experience.

i would like to come back and read more of what this group offers, maybe offer whatever i find new ‘out there’.   it would be up to members to research and try what they feel would work for them.  (none of us can ‘legally’ offer medical advice).

if this is acceptable i would enjoy visiting here.  if my experiences in alternative treatments is not acceptable, that is ok.  i will not offer them, but just read what info your group has to offer.