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What cured my babesia duncani was malarone with rounds of Coartem – which is a combination of artemether and lumafantrine.  You can buy aretemether over the counter in the supplement, Artemix.  It has the strongest deriviatives of artemisia > aretemisinin, artemether and artesunate.

Another thing you might try is Artemisinin Essentials which has liposomal aretemisinin with EDTA.  The EDTA binds with the iron in the biofilm to degrade it.  The liposomal fat acts like a trojan horse to take the art and EDTA into the biofilm.

I also used  LipoPhos EDTA  in conjunction with Artemix.  That is very powerful, but not a cure.  The LipoPhos EDTA has  phosphytidycholine, the most  essential fat the body needs – so the biofilm readily takes it up.  The EDTA degrades the biofilm by removing iron and magnesium.  It was my theory that taking it with the artemix would help get that into the biofilm as well.

Once I took the LipoPhos with Stromectol(ivermectin).  That was a mistake.  I broke blood vessels in my eyes near the cornea making my eyes look like I had pink eye.

Doxycycline increases the effectiveness of stromectol/ivermectin.  I could not tolerate it – too much.

Nothing will get you into remission if you don’t follow the diet.  I wish this were not true but my experience is, it is the only way out of this.  As long as I follow the diet I feel close to well.   When I let up on it the symptoms come leaping back.  I get insomnia, a hoarse voice, headaches, sweating, hot flashes, stabbing nerve pain, joint stiffness.. . . When I go back on the diet, it all goes away.  I was off all drugs, except LDN, for 6 months.  I just take stromectol now when I need it and the reason why I need it is because I just can’t stick to the diet.