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Dan S

Preliminary results are in: atovaquone (in the form of mepron) + artemisinin/artemether + doxycycline (AAD protocol) is THE most effective combination I have tried.

Its even more effective than tinidazole+artemether+ivermectin, which was pretty damn good. But this combination was too toxic to take for a long enough time. Tinidazole is rough: it causes severe disruption to gut flora and in me it caused elevated liver enzymes and liver pain despite intensive liver support nutrient supplementation. I believe tinidazole can cause digestive disease and super-infections (candida, bacterial overgrowth etc) if taken for a long time. So its not a solution. Intense usage of tinidazole necessitates fecal transplant in order to reverse damage to gut ecology.

The AAD protocol is far more gentle, and is therefore sustainable.

Couple pointers:

1) Both mepron and doxycline must be taken every day. 750mg 2x daily with food for mepron, and 100mg 2x daily for doxy on empty stomach. Mepron must be taken with a FULL meal, not just a small snack. On some days, when I am feeling up for it, I take 300mg or 400mg doxy, which is more effective.

2) Artemether/artemisinin cannot be taken daily. Take them about 3 days out of the week. Im going back and forth, or using a little of each. I think artemether works better, though (its highly lipophilic). But artemether is not available as a pure drug in the US. The only way to get it is to buy it from a chemical company ($130 for 25 grams). But artemisinin is available OTC as a supplement.

3) I am also combining AAD will high dose IP6 (about 20-40 grams daily) and phenolics: quercetin, curcumin (turmeric) grape seed extract, olive leaf extract, EGCG, citrus bioflavonids etc in various dosages.

I believe this regimen is strong and tolerable enough to CURE. I have never felt so confident. I am only about 2 weeks into it and the improvement far surpasses anything else I have tried-and I have tried a LOT of crazy shit (e.g. miltefosine). 2 months might be curative, IMO.

You heard it here first: mepron/doxycyline/artemisinin(or artemether) is the protocol to use.

In treating malaria, there is evidence that artemisinin/artemether, atovaquone and doxycyclines are all synergistic with each other. I have papers on each of the 3 possible pairs. Attached to this thread is a paper on synergism between atovaquone and artemisinin. I just found it a few days ago.

Also attached is a photo of infected fingernail capillaries collapsing, due to the AAD. The black dots are objective evidence that the AAD protocol is highly effective. The black dots are apparently clotted blood inside capillaries that are reverting to normal size. The only other drug combination that resulted in black fingernail dots was tinidazole/ivermectin/artemether, and that was intolerable. Tinidazole is simply too toxic, and too disruptive of gut ecology to be taken for long periods (more than a week or 2).

So I am hoping some other people will try this AAD combination, and share their experiences.






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